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What is an OSSD?

The OSSD is an internationally recognized secondary school credential, from the Ontario Ministry of Education in Canada. The Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum is consistently evaluated as one of the top 5 education systems in the world by the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), atriennial international study that evaluates education systems worldwide, from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). With the OSSD from Rosedale Global High School you will:

  • Prepare for education in western universities and colleges

  • ​Improve your critical thinking, research, and academic skills by taking Math, Science, and Business courses in English

  • ​Apply to English speaking universities in Australia, Canada, the UK, and USA with a globally recognized Canadian credential

  • Qualify for advance admission to partner universities

  • Have greater access to scholarships from top global universities

Canadian International School of Thailand in partnership with Rosedale Global High School (BSID: 668728) in Toronto, Canada are proud to deliver the globally recognized Ontario Secondary School Diploma in Thailand. With more than 4000 enrollments around the world, Rosedale Global High School is the premier option for students looking to obtain the OSSD.  96% of Rosedale graduates have received admission to global top 100universities around the world.

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