Age 12 to 16

In Secondary Cycle One (grade 7 and 8) the following courses are offered: Mathematics, Science and Technology, English, French, Thai Language and Culture, Social Studies, Arts (Music, Visual Arts, Robotics) and Physical Education. At this stage the emphasis is on exposing students to a wide range of subjects so that they can form ideas about where their academic interests lie.

In Secondary Cycle Two (grades 9, 10 and 11) the choice of courses becomes more specialized as students start the transition towards future study and career paths.

It is our goal that these years provide the fundamental skills and competencies – academic skills, life skills, digital and information literacy, global perspectives, work ethic – that are essential for progression to higher education, in addition to the attributes necessary for ever-changing personal and global development.

We expand on knowledge and skills gained in the classroom by:

providing a diverse extracurricular program

including students in community service initiatives

enhancing health and physical development through sports

fostering responsibility to the school and the community

Secondary students will embark on a learning adventure through a curriculum that is filled with:

students being active participants in their own learning

differentiated instruction that meets the needs of each student

engaging projects that are content-driven yet personally relevant

cross-curricular instruction that teaches how all things are related

content that combines deep understanding of one’s own culture, with the attributes and skills needed to be responsive global citizens who can adapt to uncertainty and change


The connections with our Canadian partners provide two pathways for students and their families at the end of Grade 10.

Students may stay in Bangkok to complete their studies
Students may stay in Montreal for Grade 11 to earn a high school diploma


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