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Ontario Secondary School Diploma

What is an OSSD? 

OSSD is a widely accepted Canadian Diploma equivalent to A levels and/or IB DP curriculum. It acknowledges the completion of secondary-level education (Years 9 to 12) and prepares students for global opportunities in future.

Fast Track to Canadian Universities

No need for SAT/IELTS/A-level to apply in Canada

It is relatively easy to study high school in Canada from abroad

as a Thailand student if you follow the proper processes.  There are a number of options for

Thailand students interested in attending Canadian high schools: 

Migrate to Canada  

Most international students wish to study high school in Canada from abroad because of the numerous opportunities it provides. It is much easier to qualify for immigration to Canada when you wish to study there. 

International students graduating with a Canadian degree receive a 3-year work permit and are eligible to apply for permanent residency.

Courses delivered

The Rosedale programs are delivered in a blended learning model in Thailand. Students will have 2 teachers assigned to each course. Students receive in-class teaching from internationally certified teachers at Canadian International School of Thailand. All assignments are marked independently by a Rosedale Global High School Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) from Canada.

Why study in Canada?
How to Study Canadian High
School in Thailand? 
Graduating Students
Benefits of Studying OSSD
OSSD Graduation Requirements

30 Credits

Complete Total of 30 Credits:


18 compulsory courses + 12 elective courses


Literary Test

Take the provincial literary test online. We will help you study for the test



Do 40 hours of community service: Volunteer, School events, etc.

Admission Requirements
  • English Proficiency (equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or above)

  • CIST Students who have studied Grades 9 and 10 minimum

  • QEP/Ontario Grade 10 graduates

  • Thai National Curriculum Mathayom 3 or 4

  • O-Level / IGCSE graduates

*Please note that all external students will need to supply a transcript from their school


Direct entry to Bachelor's programs in leading Canadian Universities.

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Highlights of OSSD
OSSD website pic5.PNG

No need for SAT/IELTS/

A-level in Canada

Treasury Building London
UK Flag.png

Apply with GPA, no need for Preparation Program or

A-levels, lower competition and higher acceptance in the UK

Direction Signs

Stand out from crowded SAT pool, no ACT required; Most universities don't need SAT for OSSD students in the US


Exempt from IELTS/TOEFL as an OSSD student, ENG4U is accepted to meet the language requirement in Singapore

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University Acceptance Outcome
OSSD website pic4.PNG

Canadian International School of Thailand is the first school in Thailand to establish a partnership with Rosedale Global High School in Toronto, Canada  and we are proud to deliver the globally recognized Ontario Secondary School Diploma in Thailand. With more than 4000 enrollments around the world, Rosedale Global High School is the premier option for students looking to obtain the OSSD. 96% of Rosedale graduates have received admission to global top 100 universities around the world. 

One thing is for sure: this rich immersive experience is guaranteed to provide life-changing and long-lasting academic, intercultural, personal and social benefits.
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