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Canada Residential Stay Program

In Grades 7 to 10, all secondary students spend ten weeks of each year at our partner school, Lakeside Academy, an IB World School, in Montreal, Canada.
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Study in Two Schools

In our Canada Residential Stay Program, students get to experience life as a student in two schools on opposite sides of the globe.


The transition from school to school is seamless due to an interchangeable curriculum, shared teaching resources and assessments, and a supportive team overseeing collaboration.

The Canada Experience

While in Canada, students are well supported. Students are housed in a safe boarding facility maintained by professional housekeeping staff with counsellors on hand to ensure each child is successfully integrated into life overseas. The facility has its own catering service providing 3 nutritious meals per day. All rooms have internet access. There are common rooms, learning spaces, and outdoor activity areas. We also provide our own school shuttle bus to transport students between campus and residence. Trips are provided to explore the wonderful sights and cultural events of the region.



Visit new places and try new cultural experiences

Why Montreal?

Being the 2nd largest city in all of Canada, Montreal has a unique position as it perfectly blends rich historical moments and architecture with modern design and innovation.

Montreal’s vast population is incredibly diverse. Montreal is home to many ethnic communities where their languages, cuisines, cultures and accomplishments are celebrated. Walking through Montreal’s neighbourhoods allows for an immersive learning experience as lived journeys are shared.


World-class educational institutions, organizations, and festivals call Montreal home. Throughout the year, many students, industry leaders, and spectators visit Montreal to enrich their minds, hearts, and souls. Home-grown sports, music, and art are all passionately celebrated in Montreal; while the top international talents frequently perform throughout the city.

#1 City for International Education

It should be no surprise that Montreal has been named the #1 city for international education. The combination of Montreal’s ideal location, history and innovation, renowned schools, cultural landmarks, diversity, and vibrant lifestyle make it the perfect place to kick off your educational journey.

One thing is for sure: this rich immersive experience is guaranteed to provide life-changing and long-lasting academic, intercultural, personal and social benefits.
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