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PYP to MYP Transition

Current Pathway with PYP

Students at CIST may enter the Early Years program in Prek- 3.

Students transition into Elementary from Kindergarten, until Grade 5

The PYP focuses on transdisciplinary learning through units of inquiry, developing students' key skills.


In Grade 6, students transition to MYP 1 and finish in MYP 5 (Grade 10)

Students transition from the MYP and move on to high school for Grades 11 & 12

New Pathway

The primary change brings students into MYP 1 in grade 6. This is in line with what many IB schools around the world are doing:

PYP is designed for students ages 3-10

MYP is designed for students ages 11- 16


Pathway in Secondary

CIST Progression.png
Rosedale - Colour.png
Rationale for Change

Smooth transition according to IB frameworks

  • MYP is designed for students to enter at this point

  • Increased academic rigour and subjects suited to their level of development

Increased focus on skills and ATLs

Benefits to the students

Benefits to students
  • Shift to subject-driven learning for deepened understanding with subject specialists

  • The natural transition continues to develop skills learned in PYP

  • Role in the school as leaders - new uniforms and new responsibilities

  • Change in perspective - looking at global contexts in the MYP

  • Preparation for the challenges of high school and beyond

  • EAL and TAL support

Similarities between

Similarities between PYP and MYP.png
Similarities between PYP and MYP 2 .png
Opportunities for Growth

MYP 1 students can serve as ambassadors from secondary to primary

  • Community service, reading buddies, peer mentors

  • A feeling of responsibility

Increased academic rigour will come with increased responsibility

  • Self-management, completing assignments and homework tasks

The joint homeroom with senior students

  • Opportunities to see where they are going, spend time with mentors and potential role models

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