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Early Years

Age 3 to 4

Early Years (PreK3 and PreK4) is a vibrant learning environment where your child has the freedom and choice to develop their own learning style. Encouraging creativity and imaginative play, our mission is to foster confidence and individuality in a harmonious and safe learning environment.

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Our experienced Early Years educators create hands-on activities which support each child’s social and emotional development; building a community of happy, inquisitive, and engaged learners.

Our Early Years program focuses on concept-based learning through play, providing endless opportunities for exploration, inquiry and creativity. It also provides a fundamental introduction to the Elementary subjects: Languages (English and Thai); Mathematics; Science, Social Studies; Physical Education; and Art.

At CIST, our Early Years classes (PreK3 and PreK4) are taught by a fully-qualified International teacher. In addition each class has a Teaching Assistant who speaks Thai and English and a Nanny who both work closely with the classroom teacher to support the students' learning.

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In Early Years, children begin to make connections and construct an understanding of their world. This sense of belonging is important for all areas of their development, including recognizing diversity and respect for others and their cultures.
The engaging and fun learning environment provides a solid foundation for overall development, enabling each child to:

discover their capacities through a variety of motor and sensory activities

establish harmonious relationships with others and make reflections on their own actions

take pleasure in developing positive reading behaviours and gradually make connections between oral and written language

use various sources of information in their environment to discover differences and similarities with others

actively participate in their learning and use their creativity to enhance their cognitive, motor, language, emotional and social development

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