Age 5 to 11

Our Elementary program is both flexible and adaptable responding to the needs of the learners. With a strong focus on inquiry-based learning, we encourage independent thought, ideas and research. This deeper learning develops a lifelong set of skills or “attitudes” that ensure our students go into the world as responsive global citizens.

Our concept-based curriculum follows an interdisciplinary approach to learning, integrating: Languages; Mathematics; Science and Technology; Social Sciences; Physical Education and Health; and Arts Education (Music, Drama, Dance and Visual Arts).

Throughout Elementary your child will experience:

challenging hands-on activities

student-initiated inquiry

inspiring concept-based learning experiences

collaborative research projects focusing on real world issues

exposure to a third language (French)

Your child will:

develop critical thinking skills

become an effective communicator

be internationally minded

Putting Literacy First

At the Canadian International School of Thailand, we believe literacy is the foundation for all learning. Therefore, it is essential we give every student from Early Years to Grade 12 the best chance to master literacy (both in English and Thai). Our qualified, experienced educators provide proven, practical solutions to help all students succeed in literacy.

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