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Spirit Week

Students from CIST and TCBS enjoyed the performance of two plays by the White Horse Theatre Company last week. The company is based in Germany and was touring Thailand for the first time. We were very happy to have them come to our schools - a first theatre experience for most of the students. Grade2-6 watched “The Green Knight” set in the time of King Arthur in Britain with two Knights of the Round Table, Sir Lancelot and Sir Gawain as rivals for the King's favour. It was a very funny play and one of the highlights was the jousting in front of the seated students. Grades 7-12 saw “All's Well that Ends Well”, a Shakespearean comedy in modern English. Students thoroughly enjoyed the play and joined in the fun. This was a wonderful experience for everyone. The students were able to ask the 4 actors questions and learned more about their work and what it is like to be an actor.