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Loy Kratong, November 22, 2018

Our school celebrated Loy Kratong yesterday with beautiful colourful outfits, songs, games, kratong building and finally the kratong ceremony of quiet reflection and floating the kratongs on water. The kratong is a base of banana tree with many cleverly folded leaves pinned into it and decorated with flowers, incense sticks and a candle. The tradition of Loy Kratong is one of thanksgiving to the rivers which bring life to families and Thailand. All our students and teachers eagerly participated in the activities and learned about this tradition and its meanings. This is a key element in our learning about who we are and where we are from. We incorporate Thai and Canadian celebrations in our school year to expand our students understanding of home and other people and places. Thank you to our Thai staff for arranging the celebration and to our students, parents and teachers for making it a memorable day.