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We align ourselves with the curriculum and the secondary school examination regime of Quebec, Canada (QEP). We embrace the strong qualities and best practices of a Canadian curriculum utilizing Canadian educational resources. Although we have a strong Canadian foundation and all programs are influenced by Thai culture and values, it is our desire to create global citizens who have an understanding of other countries, cultures and histories beyond their own.

Learning is optimized when the learning environment:
  • is learner-centered and encourages engagement

  • is social in nature

  • recognizes the importance of emotions

  • is sensitive to individual differences

  • challenges all students without overloading them

  • uses broad assessments and feedback

  • promotes horizontal connectedness across subjects.

Where will you be in the future?


Our curriculum, regulated by the Canadian province of Quebec, is developed in collaboration with officials from the Ministry of Education Quebec and accredited by the Lester B. Pearson School Board. To ensure that outstanding standards are continued, our Canadian partners will continually monitor and support future growth.

Our Partners

We are proud to have strategic partnerships with:​


International Baccalaureate

In 2018, we entered the candidate phase to become an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. The IB is a world-leading curricular framework that emphasizes inquiry and encourages students to become active and compassionate lifelong learners and true citizens of the world. The IB Organization is a vast educational resource that provides our faculty access to leading, teaching and learning practices through an extended professional development network. Recognized internationally, IB education is the ultimate passport to top universities around the world.

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