Canadian High School Diploma

Two Learning Pathways

At the end of Grade 10, students have a choice of two learning pathways, both leading to a Canadian high school diploma.

Pathway 1

Ontario OSSD

Spend Grade 11 and 12 at CIST in Bangkok and achieve an Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Pathway 2

Quebec DES

Spend Grade 11 at Lakeside Academy in Montreal, and achieve a Quebec Secondary School Diploma

Pathway 1 - Thailand/Ontario

In the Thailand/Ontario pathway, students attend CIST in Bangkok for two years (Grades 11 and 12) where they study to gain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), issued by Rosedale Academy, at the end of Grade 12. In addition, they may also obtain a BTEC International Level 3 Certificate or Subsidiary Diploma in Business.

Rosedale Academy

CIST has a strategic partnership with Rosedale Academy in Ontario, Canada. Rosedale Academy (BSID# 668726) is an Ontario Ministry of Education inspected private secondary school that is able to grant OSSD credits and issue the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Rosedale Academy is committed to offering exceptional education programs that maintain fairness, transparency and academic integrity.

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Pathway 2 - Quebec DES

In the Quebec pathway, students stay in Canada for one whole year in Grade 11 and pursue a Quebec Secondary School Diploma (DES) at Lakeside Academy in Montreal. After which, they either continue their studies at pre-university colleges in Quebec for two more years or return to Thailand to attend a Thai university.

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Lakeside Academy and the LBPSB

Lakeside Academy is a public secondary school in Quebec, Canada. Lakeside Acadmey is part of Lester B. Pearson School Board, the second largest English public school board in the province of Quebec.

Lester B. Pearson School Board is proud to offer its international students the opportunity to grow and learn at new depths throughout their educational journeys, and gain a Canadian high school diploma.

All CIST secondary students spend ten weeks of each academic year at Lakeside Academy, in Montreal, Canada, in Grades 7 to 10.