Our Team

Our dedicated team of teachers, assistants, administrators and support staff is committed to ensuring the school is a safe and effective learning place that supports each student in their learning and personal growth. Close partnerships with parents are highly valued for the demonstrable impact on enhancing student learning.

Leadership Team

Nahathai Thewphaingarm

School Director

Jayne Lund


Cade Sommerville

Secondary Coordinator

Rhonda Anderson

Vice Principal

Early Years and Elementary Coordinator

Teaching Team

Early Years and Elementary

Paphada Turner
Talia Czuzoj-Shulman
Conrad Griffel
Tracey Long
Edmund W.
Heather Isobel Burtch
‚ÄčGina Mattei
Teagan Tansley
Dash Swani
Catherine Sy
Usa Boonlam
Chutikan Autchin


Suchada Srikijprachai 
Cade Sommerville
Shaun Novak
Michelle Plourde
Anne  Dukes

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