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💦 Songkran Celebrations at CIST 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

CIST celebrated Songkran with the traditional Buddha Bathing ceremony and water blessing of elders. Our high school students began the proceedings with a drumming routine followed by three student speakers explaining Songkran and what it means to them.

Everyone participated in the water blessing as students poured water on the hands of teachers and staff.

This was a wonderful community experience for everyone to begin our celebrations for Thai New Year. Happy Songkran to all our families and friends in Thailand!

Continuing after lunch with elementary and high school starting their activities while Early Years children have their nap, fun activities include games such as water hat balancing and blindfold pot hitting, as well as making and cooking wontons. Early Years students built sand pagodas and enjoyed some time in the paddling pool before heading home for the holidays. Our older students welcomed back their friends who returned from Canada this week with a traditional Songkran soaking after school! Lots of fun, excitement and celebrations for the New Year.